Online Publications

Politics/Letters Live (30 November 2017)
“A place for unfinished things c. 1974” and “Forty-some-odd on.” Poetry.

Politics/Letters (issue 6, November 2016)
“Dr. Fossilicious, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Carbon Footprint”

Poets and Artists (November 2016)
Interviewed by Grace Cavalieri.

Dispatches from the Poetry Wars (May 2016)
“Sipping Coffee @ Carmela’s.” Poetry.

Ragazine (September 2015)
“Slivers of Speculation: Barry Lopez and Trauma Theory.” With Kass Fleisher.

Something on Paper (November 2013)
“Two Creative Writers Look Askance at Composition Studies (Crayon on  Paper).” With Kass Fleisher.

Argotist Ebooks (September 2013)
Show and Tell. PDF chapbook. Fiction.

Los Angeles Review of Books (December 2012)
“Let Us Not to Our Readers Condescend.” With Kass Fleisher. Response to John D’Agata and Jim Fingal’s The Lifespan of a Fact.

Jacket 2 (issue 37, early 2009)
Joe Amato in Conversation with Chris Pusateri.

Absent Magazine (August 2007)
Four from “Last Night.” Excerpt from Samuel Taylor’s Last Night.

Mad Hatters’ Review (February 2007)
“O yeehaw ye faithful” and “Picking up around the studio.” Poetry.

EOAGH (January 2006)
“Romeo.” Excerpt from Under Virga.

Boston Comment (April 2004)
Roundtable Discussion on poetry – Avant, Post-Avant, and Beyond – hosted by Joan Houlihan.

The Iowa Review Web (September 2001)
Training Missions. Let’s call it a poem. Featured at the Electronic Literature Organization Symposium State of the Arts Gallery session, Los Angeles, 2002.

Electronic Book Review (Summer 2001)
“Reforming Creative Writing Pedagogy:  History as Knowledge, Knowledge as Activism.” With Kass Fleisher. Essay on creative writing pedagogy.

Electronic Book Review (Winter 2000/2001)
“Both Sides Now.” Review of O. Jam Atoe’s My Friend, the Poet.

Jacket (July 2000)
“Comment faire, commenting fairly, and commencing with the alphabet L?” A response to Rob Wilson’s “From the Sublime to the Devious: Writing the Experimental/Local Pacific.”

Jacket (May 2000)
“It was the best of tomes, it was the worst of tomes:  Cary Nelson’s Anthology of Modern American Poetry.” Review.

milk (February 2000)
“Speaking of which.” Poetry.

Jacket (October 1999)
“36 theory bananas” and “(this evening).” Poetry.

Postmodern Culture (September 1999)
“Technical Ex-Communication: How a Former Practicing Engineer Becomes a Former English Professor.” Essay on corporatization and tenure denial. For those without Project Muse access, a text-only version is available here.

Electronic Book Review (Summer 1997)
“Richard Powers after Louis Zukofsky: A Prospectus of the Sky.” Essay aligning Zukofsky and Powers.

Electronic Book Review (Fall 1996)
“sokal text: another funny thing happened on the way to the forum.” Essay on the Alan Sokal controversy, incl. Unfortunate Pissing Contest Part 2.

Electronic Book Review (Fall 1996)
“re-post:  a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.” Response to Michael Bérubé, or, Unfortunate Pissing Contest Part 1.

Electronic Book Review (Spring 1996)
“who is michael berube and why is he saying these terrible things about us?” Essay on Michael Bérubé, academic celebrity culture, intellectual work, poetry, and online community. Source of Unfortunate Pissing Contest that follows.

Postmodern Culture (May 1996)
“Personal Effects, Public Effects, Special Effects: Institutionalizing American Poetry.” Review of Jed Rasula’s The American Poetry Wax Museum: Reality Effects, 1940-1990. For those without Project Muse access, a text-only version is available here.

GRIST On-line (October 1993)
“Nous Refuse.” Short description of early online collective.

EJOURNAL (May 1991)
“Re/View” of Jay David Bolter’s Writing Space: The Computer, Hypertext, and the History of Writing.

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